Magufuli takes tough action after his opponent's new strategy to use Kenyan media

This came a few hours after Magufuli's opponent was interviewed by Radio Citizen

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Tanzanian president John Magufuli's administration has moved with speed to crack down on Opposition politicians who have found a new strategy to get around media censorship in the country.

On Monday, Tanzania's Ministry of Communication banned all domestic broadcasters from carrying foreign-made content without government permission.

The raft of regulations also banned foreign correspondents from working in Tanzania without being accompanied by a government official.

The regulations came after a strategy by Tanzanian Opposition politicians who have managed to bypass the censorship laws in their country and have used Kenyan media to address Tanzanians ahead of the Presidential elections in October.

On Monday morning, Tundu Lissu, the leading challenger against President Magufuli, conducted a lengthy interview with Radio Citizen which became a trending topic in Tanzanian social media circles.

During the interview with Radio Citizen, Lissu condemned Magufuli's administration for undermining freedom of the press and added that he did not have faith that the October election would be free and fair.

"The chairman and the chief executive of the electoral commission were appointed by President Magufuli. They have proved over the years that they are not independent," the Chadema politician said.

He admitted that fear of government harassment had denied him the chance to address Tanzanians through local media.

His interview on Radio Citizen came less than a week after he was interviewed on KTN News where he equally hit out at President Magufuli's administration.


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