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Mzee Kibor's will made public, revealing how vast wealth and millions will be distributed

Those who will not be happy with his will have a free hand to go and contest in a court of law-Philip Kibor.

Mzee Jackson Kibor

The will of the late Mzee Jackson Kibor has been made public, revealing details of how he shared out his wealth before death struck.

According to the will, Kibor distributed his vast wealth equitably among his three wives.

Details of the will were made public during a family meeting convened on Friday May 06 where it was revealed that Kibor had more than 5,000 acres of land in Trans Nzoia and Uasin Gishu counties.

The tycoon also owned several prime parcels of land scattered all over Eldoret.


Kibor had everyone covered in the will with each of his sons inheriting 200 acres while each daughters inheriting 100 acres each.

Also included in the will was his grandson, Kipchirchir Kibor - the son of Phillip Kibor, the tycoon's eldest son.

Philip who also doubles up as the family spokesman told the media that the entire family was shocked after learning of his vast wealth that was unknown to them until the will was read, adding that the popular farmer started distributing his wealth months before his death.

According to him, most of the family members have accepted the contents of the will and the inheritance passed on to them but should there be any disagreement then the family will seek the intervention of the elders.


“There might or might not be people who are not contented. This was a confirmation of what Mzee had previously told us. There were a few things that had been added to what he had told us earlier.

"The will was typical of Mzee (Kibor) and those, of course, who will not be happy with his will have a free hand to go and contest in a court of law,” he said.

Conflict in Kibor's family and youngest widow kicked out of her home

This comes just days after Yuanita Kibor, the deceased tycoon's youngest widow complained that plans were underway to distribute her husband's wealth among her co-wives, leaving her out.


Yuanita claimed that she had been kicked out of her home after some of the deceased Tycoon's children went to court.

"I was surprised to be served with property restrictions filed by some of Mzee Kibor's children which were interestingly issued on April 1, the same day we were burying him.

"Since then I have had no peace because I have been ejected from my Kabenes matrimonial home, and on Tuesday, my 57 livestock was shared among my co-wives' children." Yuanita lamented on 27 April at her Chepkoilel home.

"My children are still young, and I need to take care of them. They deserve their rightful share of property left behind by their father. But if they lose their inheritance, their future will be bleak" she added while appealing to the government to step in and help her get justice, saying she has been physically assaulted.


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