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Uhuru’s advisor explains why Ruto may resign soon

There is no turning back

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto

One of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s informal advisers, Prof Peter Kagwanja, has hinted at a possible resignation by Deputy President William Ruto over the growing tension between the two leaders.

Kagwanja said the division between Kenyatta and Ruto had reached the point of no return – leaving only two options.

Ruto has crossed the Rubicon and Uhuru has crossed the Rubicon with their armies, and Rome is not safe. I only see two options, Ruto may resign from government or create a third handshake and reunite with Uhuru,” Kagwanja said.

Kagwanja, who occasionally consults for President Kenyatta, said the differences between the DP and the President are as a result of differing visions.


The professor said Kenyatta is seeking to achieve national unity while Ruto appears fixated with the search of power.

A winner-takes-it-all as envisioned by Tangatanga will not take us anywhere. We are not going anywhere and we must come to the table and forge a new Kenya that is united. The debate on exclusion of Kenyan communities is dangerous. This is why Uhuru is getting frustrated,” he said.

The historian-cum- political analyst said the history of Kenyan politics is full of such sharp differences that were followed by resignations.

“In 1966, Jaramogi (Oginga Odinga) resigned after differences with Mzee Kenyatta. In 1988, Kenneth Matiba and Daniel arap Moi were bossom buddies but Matiba left the government as a matter of principle. Mwai Kibaki did the same in 1991,” Kagwanja explained.

Apart from being an insider in Kenyatta’s camp, Kagwanja chaired the Council of Kenya Professionals that campaigned for the President’s re-election in 2017.


He is the spouse to Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma. 


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