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Waiguru's husband clashes with Kirinyaga MCAs' lawyer on live TV

Ndegwa Njiru claims Waiganjo's emotions hindered the MCAs case

Waiguru's husband, Kamotho Waiganjo, clashes with Kirinyaga MCAs' lawyer  Ndegwa Njiru on live TV

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru's husband Kamotho Waiganjo on Sunday night had a heated encounter with Ndegwa Njiru - the lawyer representing the county MCAs.

The two were hosted on K24's political talk show, Punch Line, where they discussed the recent impeachment charges that were dropped by the Senate.

Njiru began by faulting Waiganjo's legal representation of Governor Waiguru saying he was unable to separate emotions from the case.

"Mr Kamotho is my teacher and he taught me professional ethics. There were emotive and political issues in the case but he ought to have separated the emotions from the case. At one point, I wanted to demonstrate the criminal web enterprise which Governor Waiguru created but he became very emotional and I could not proceed and that was my chance to nail Waiguru.


"He ought to have appeared there as an advocate of the High Court but many lawyers are wondering whether he appeared as a husband or as a lawyer," Njiru said.

Waiganjo responded by stating that he did not mind playing the role of a husband in the matter and added that there was nothing illegal or unethical in acting for the Kirinyaga Governor.

"There is nothing illegal or unethical about me representing the Governor. There were legal, political, emotional, and factual aspects of those cases. I understood them all and I was best suited to act for the Governor," Waiguru's husband protested.

The two lawyers further clashed when debating the gender nuances in the graft charges that have faced Waiguru right from her reign as Devolution Cabinet Secretary

"It is very wrong to claim that Waiguru is being targeted because she is a woman. There have been many female leaders in this country and they have not faced the allegations she faces. The question we should ask is, why always Waiguru?" Njiru stated.


"There are issues of misogyny in this case. If you are a fast rising female politician, these issues will always come up that is why you will hear her being accused of being big headed even though no male leader faces such accusations. There are people who expected a female leader to be someone who is motherly and nice and wow unto you are not," Waiganjo stated.


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