KTN news anchor attacks Kenyans celebrating Nkaissery's death [VIDEO]

When and how did we become this way?


In her opinion piece dubbed, My Take: The Sudden Death of CS General Nakissery, Ms Okwara expressed her disappointment in Kenyans on Twitter who have been distasteful in the comments they have been posting online.

"Allow me to call out some interesting behaviour which has been repeated for some time now every time someone dies. Some celebrate the death of an individual even calling it fantastic. Surely when and how did we become this way?" she posed.

"Celebrating one's death is macabre, to say the least. Hiding behind the keyboard to post hateful comments is cowardly," she said.

The news anchor stated that it was important to remember that though one may have a certain opinion about the deceased CS, respect to the family was key.

"But most of all let us not forget that his family is also grieving a very personal loss and we must give them th space, the time, the privacy and respect to mourn their departed," she emphasised.

She noted that though Kenyans have freedom of expression, it ought to be carried out responsibly.

"I am not curtailing anyone's freedom of speech but in exercising our freedom of speech, can we not be tasteful, respectful even?" she questioned.

After the Nkaissery's death, there have been a lot of speculations that led to his death. On this, the journalist asked the Government to make sure that it keeps the country informed on the investigation process every step of the way.

"The Government too has a role to play in keeping the country informed every step of the way. Avoid of information only leaves room for wild speculations," she opined.

The CS died on Saturday after mysteriously falling at his Karen home.

Here is the video:


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