Atwoli’s wife speaks on husband’s marriage to Mary Kilobi

She also revealed what she thinks of their 35 year age gap.

Atwoli and Kilobi

This was in a surprise interview with the Nairobian where she said that their love continues to flourish despite a glaring 35 year age gap. “I have now realised that age should never be a key consideration in a relationship. Atwoli is that guy who is never bothered about mundane issues that sometimes break up marriages,”a love-struck Kilobi said.

3 wife on marriage to Kilobi

His third wife Rosalinda Simiyu recently shared her thoughts about Atwoli’s new union and claimed that Atwoli changed after meeting up with Kilobi. She disclosed that she was there when Kilobi first met Atwoli and things in their relationship started getting messed up after that meeting.

“I am a Bukusu and we believe that ‘Kipenda roho hula nyama mbichi’ (meaning that one does unusual or difficult things to get what they want). If he has fallen for Kilobi that’s his right I will not be the kind of person who tells him ‘you must do this you must do that.’ One thing I would want Atwoli to remember is that we had humble beginnings in Kariobangi that even for him to get the COTU seat I threw my weight behind him,” she disclosed in an interview with Massawe Jappani.

35 year age gap

On Atwoli marrying a much younger woman, Rosalinda disclosed that she doesn’t mind as its common for men to marry a much younger woman.

However, she has a problem with Atwoli’s marriage to Kilobi straining his relationship with his family. “The Atwoli I knew back then is not the Atwoli I know now. It’s like he has had a turnover, he has become a new person. A man marrying a younger woman didn’t start now, it’s something that started a long time ago but when you marry the young girl ,she should just be part of the family but you shouldn’t break up your family to bring in a new wife.”

Marriage to Atwoli

Rosalinda got married to Atwoli at the age of 30 years after meeting him in 1996 when she was a chairperson at the Kenya Union of Sugar Plantation Workers. She recently made headlines after the COTU Sec Gen kicked her out of his Kileleshwa home.


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