Anita Nderu narrates Horrific Encounter that made her stop using Matatus

"I look down and I see a hand on my boob"

Among those who have been harassed in public Transport, is the famous Radio and TV Personality Anita Nderu who says that the horrific encounters in Kenyan Matatus made her to stop using public transport.

According to the Capital FM Presenter, she was travelling to work using public transport, when she was harassed by unknown man who grabbed her boobs without her consent

“I just felt something cold on my left boob, I looked down and I see a hand and it is this man hanging on my boob. I told him to remove the hand and he is like why do women have boobs then are there for men to touch. He finally removes his hand and am shouting to the conduct but he is like, I have nothing I can. I got out of the Matatu and cried not even one person asked why I was crying. It is the most helpless feeling because you cannot just touch someone without their permission” said Anita who shared her Experience with BBC #WomenChallenge

The 27 year-old added the since the horrific encounters in Matatu’s, she has only used public transport twice.

"I have been harassed twice in a Matatu and ones in a taxi. Whenever I uses Matatus I am never comfortable at all."

She also hopes that sharing her story will help other women to come forward and share their bad experience in Kenyan Matatus.

“Sharing my story will help other women to come out and share their experience because this is unacceptable and see that is actually a problem” said Anita

More than 70% of Kenyan women harassed on public transport don’t report it, a recent survey suggested. In 2014 a viral of a woman being stripped on bus led to national protests.

Anita Nderu featured on BBC 100Women, a list of 100 influential and inspirational women around the world that is released every year.

In 2017, the women are challenged to tackle four of the biggest problems facing women today - the glass ceiling, female illiteracy, harassment in public spaces and sexism in sport.


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