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Betty Kyallo's unexpected response to comment about her weight gain

“Betty now that weight is going overboard,”a fan wrote.

Betty Kyallo (Instagram)

Being in the limelight has its perks; the money, the fame and the endorsements among other things.

But there is a downside to it, that of people feeling like they have the leeway to comment on your life without considering your feelings.

As Diana Marua once put it ‘People feel like since you out there I am entitled to write anything I want to write about you guys and that is the most challenging thing, you can’t control that.’

For Betty Kyallo her moment in the ugly part of the spotlight came when a fan body pointed out that her weight had noticeably fluctuated.


 “My Betty now that weight is going overboard. Look at those hands bwana. Love you all the same,” the fan wrote.

While we are used to many celebrities firing back hotly with unforgettable comebacks, Betty had an unexpected, upbeat response to it. She commented that the reason she has gained weight is that she is loved. “Ni kupendwa mob,” Betty wrote back.



While Betty was sweet in her response most celebrities do not have the patience for such comments.

Victoria Kimani recently put a fan in her place after she commented that she had gained weight and should hit the gym.

“Beautiful but umenona. Time to hit the gym my dear,” read the double-handed compliment and Victoria quickly told her to kiss her behind. “LMAO. Kiss my ass,” Victoria wrote.


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