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Diamond’s mum under fire for discriminating against Hamisa’s son

Mama Dangote remained unapologetic after accusations of favouring Diamond’s kids with Zari were levelled at her.

This is because they felt that she gives preferential treatment to Diamond’s kids with Zari, Nillan and Tiffah over Hamisa’s son with Diamond, Dylan.

Fans came to this conclusion due to the fact that Nillan, Tiffah and even Esma’s daughter Taraj Ahmed are a common fixture on her Instagram but no Dylan.

Following the outrage, Bi Sandra showed defiance with a ‘sorry not sorry’ post on her Instagram, a post that left fans boiling even harder and accusing her of being childish.


Diamond’s mum’s open hostility towards Hamisa and her son is due to the fact that Hamisa called the paparazzi on her when she had gone to see her in hospital.

And when the footage made its way to the interwebs, Bi Sandra was badly abused and humiliated by fans.


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