Late rapper inspires fond memories 17 years after death

The MC battled with obesity before his passing, while the aftermath of his death saw accusations of abuse from his family.

Prominent figures in the rap game flooded their social media timeline with eulogies in favour of the MC who is originally known as Christopher Lee Rios. One of these was legend Nas who shared a "R I P" post in remembrance of him as well as an image of the both of them.

Even in death, Rios still enjoys huge respect for his exceptional quality as a rapper which placed on the 25th spot on the list of 50 Greatest MCs of All Time compiled by The United States magazine The Source also rated him as 19th on the chart of Top 50 Lyricists of All Time.

His legend status has however been constantly marred by allegations of abuse from his family. His son Chris Rivers has been quoted on a number of occasions explaining his troubling experience under the parenting of Big Pun. An example of this was a 2013 chat he had with American radio disc jockey, Peter Rosenberg.

"Growing up in an extremely abusive household, I’ve gotten to see all the subtle nuances and the major effects as well that trickle down from these events," he said.

"I want everyone who has been through any form of abuse to know that these things do not decide your worth. These things do not lessen your character or the value of your spirit.

"You are not a victim and you do not need to repress these things or hide behind a mask that you’ve created to deter prying eyes.

"You are a warrior. You are a king, a queen and above all you are priceless," were Rivers comments detailing his depressing encounter with his father.

The 1998 release of Big Pun's debut "Capital Punishment" has so far been his most celebrated project. It peaked at number 5 on Billboard 200 and is regarded as the only work by a Latino rapper to go platinum.

His exploits in music saw a permanent end following a heart attack he suffered on February 7, 2000. Prior to this, the rapper was known to be battling an issue with obesity which made it incumbent to enter a weight-loss program. The problem however remained persistent till the time of his death.


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