Ebru TV has been entangled in a public fallout with Political analyst Benjamin Ndolo over a pay cut he allegedly suffered after testing positive for Covid-19.

On Wednesday, the Everest Production Corporation Kenya Limited (Ebru TV) announced that they had terminated Ndolo’s contract over what they termed as gross misconduct.

“Everest Production Corporation Kenya Limited took immediate action to dismiss Benjamin Ndolo who has the host for My Government at EBRU on casual basis. His ill-mannered bahaviour, verbal abuse and breach of the company policy has led to the termination contact.

The safety of staff remains a top priority to Us and it’s our mandate to ensure that the employee is well interviewed and follows the proper exit procedures, which was not the case for Benjamin Ndolo. Instead he defamed the company to cover up his own faults…” reads part of the letter from Ebru TV.

Ebru TV
Ebru TV

Ndolo Hits Back

However, in a quick rejoinder, Ndolo hit back stating the he parted ways with the station on his own terms.

The My Government host went on to say that he was fed-up with harassment at the station accusing the station's manager, Anab Mohamed, of mistreating her employees.

“I will no longer appear on @EbruTVKenya I have made that decision, I vociferously defend my rights and those of others. Mrs Anab Mohamed is a Greedy, Disrespectful, Exploitative manager who has no Integrity. She insulted me and cut my pay after I got Covid. See you in COURT!

As if Ebru made me for months that woman begged me to join the team. Do not tolerate nonsense from anyone guys, I’m fixing this sh!t for all y’all young bucks out here hustling and getting shafted daily. I’m your human rights advocate!" said Ndolo in a tweet.

Benjamin Ndolo
Benjamin Ndolo

Benji added that; “Because the job market is so bad, most Kenyans are fearful and endure serious abuse in the hands of employers. The Media fraternity is especially afflicted with this VIRUS, most environs are TOXIC. Stand up, Speak up! We are fixing this nation, one issue at a time”.