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I don't want to be remembered as an angel - Karen Nyamu

“There are women who look at me and identify with me because it reminds them of when they were in my situation," Karen said.

Karen Nyamu

Nominated Senator and advocate Karen Nyamu said that she does not wish to be remembered as an angel.

Speaking in a past interview with Ruben FM, Karen said that she wants to be eulogised as someone who was real with her own flaws.

There are women who look at me and identify with me because it reminds them of when they were in my situation.

That is the life and I don’t want to be remembered as an angel, I want to be remembered as someone real,” she said.


Nyamu also said that despite criticism about her morals, the reality on the ground is that women are going through similar challenges as her.

Even those in church, if you sat down with a pastor’s wife she would give you a lot of experiences,” Karen continued.

A section of Kenyans online have been bashing the politician after it was revealed that she was Samidoh’s baby mama.

Many accused her of wrecking the musician’s marriage to Edith Nderitu.


In her defense, Ms Nyamu said she met Samidoh at a political event where the singer was performing, became friends and she only came to know he was married after 4 months.

We met in a political event he was performing in sometime back and we became friends. Jalas can you believe I didn’t know that Samidoh was married because he was not even wearing a ring. I came to know that Samidoh is married after being his friend for four months.

You know that Mafirifiri MCA, she is the one who saw us together and told me that Samidoh is married,” said Karen Nyamu in a past interview.

She went on to say that she has never met Samidoh’s wife but has been involved in her projects to the extent of helping her secure a Sh9 million tender.


“I have never met Samidoh’s wife but we spoke sometime last year (2020)…Now she is serving a tender worth Sh9 million which me and Samidoh’s brother sat down and did all the documents… until she got that tender. So is that a woman am fighting?”

Nyamu added that:

“I am not a home wrecker; I can tell you all things that I have done…on the contrary build my baby daddies home and if I say here he will be angry because it’s not fair to expose some things.

“I was angry yesterday but he knows I have always supported his wife, because you can meet a woman who really want to get married who is going to work and push your wife out, but am not that kind of person. Juu hata ukiacha bibi yako mimi sikuji kukaa kwako. You will have to find another wife


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