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Kenyans react to video of daughters busting their father cheating

The angry siblings read out texts between their father and the other woman as their mother watched in dismay

Kenyans on Twitter were drawn to a video which has gone viral, showing siblings confronting their father, whom they caught cheating on their mother.

Kenyans on Twitter were drawn to a video which has gone viral, showing siblings confronting their father, whom they caught cheating on their mother.

The video shared by Kenyans on Twitter was said to be from a Ugandan family living in the diaspora.

In the clip, the man’s daughters could be heard reading texts between their father and the woman they suspected him of cheating with.


All this was going on as their mother sat listening in dismay.

Dad, explain this!” said one of the siblings. “Do you want me to keep going?” added another of his daughters who was reading the messages to their mother.

Stop acting like you don’t know,” she added as their father stared with an expressionless face.

Their mother admitted that she had suspected her husband of cheating severally.

She said that despite not having evidence of his past extramarital affairs, God had exposed his unfaithfulness.


It also emerged that the couple was going through a rough patch and had considered therapy which the husband opposed.

After a long silence, the man tried to take control of the situation as his daghter's anger mutated into name-calling and insults.

I am still your father,” he tried to let out as the argument escalated.

The video was initially shared by Fahad Amir Nsubuga and has garnered over 4.7 million views and was shared by over 32,000 people across the world.


The video also went viral in Kenya and many were surprised at the confrontation between the siblings and their father.

Many netizens registered their disappointment with the sibling’s conduct, terming it disrespectful.

Others pointed out that their mother seemed to be calmer, yet she was the person who was hurt most by her husband’s infidelity.

If your kids disrespect you like need to recollect yourself and find your masculinity because you've lost control of your household,” said Royal Knighthood.


Nothing can compare to the pain of being cheated on, but this is so humiliating. They shouldn't shame their father publicly like this,” said Wanjiku Muigai.

Cheating is wrong, but that’s disrespectful of the kids to talk to their dad in that manner,” added Dee.

Men will embarrass you!!!!! And I mean real embarrassment!!!,” Tess Njoroge opined.

“Regardless of how your father is, he is still your parent and you should respect him,” Peter Junior said.

Kudos to this man for being calm. This is why men must remain polygamous and always lead their families. The kids know no boundaries,” Sammy Anyembe stated.


The way they are talking to him jamani... The disrespect, atakama,” Kate Odunga weighed in.

In my opinion, this is a dad-mom issue. The kids better stay out of it, no matter how grown they feel they are,” Martin Kibuchi added.

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