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Lady releases chats with Sam Tollad, days after he accused girlfriend of cheating

Lady releases chats with Thee Pluto's brother Sam Tollad, days after he accused girlfriend Redna of cheating on him.

From left: Redna & ex- boyfriend Sam Tollad

The spotlight has been on content creators Sam Tollad, brother to Thee Pluto, and his now ex-girlfriend Redna Nyawira in recent weeks.

Once celebrated as the epitome of relationship goals by their social media followers, their romantic narrative took a sharp turn when news of their bitter split emerged, accompanied by public airing of intimate details.

Initially, the reasons behind their breakup remained shrouded in secrecy. However, as time passed, both parties pointed fingers at each other, accusing one another of infidelity.


In a March 17 interview, Sam Tollad accused Redna of being unfaithful, alleging that she cheated on him with an individual from the U.S.

Redna swiftly responded, asserting in a separate interview with Nicholas Kioko that it was Sam who betrayed her trust. She claimed to have discovered incriminating messages on his phone.

"It is him who cheated. Niliona messages... Alafu anasema nilicheat na mtu wa U.S. I wish..." she said.


Adding complexity to the already volatile situation is Judy Thee Traveller, a friend of Sam Tollad's.

Redna implicates Judy in their breakup, alleging that Judy played a significant role in their relationship's demise.

According to Redna, Judy took Sam on a vacation to Mombasa, acting as his chauffeur on one occasion.

She further claims that Sam frequently visited Judy's residence, staying out late into the night, and even confiding their relationship issues to Judy behind her back.


"Time hakuwa hatukuwa na issues. But after coming hapo ndo redflags zilianza kuwa. How do you take my man mpaka saa tisa ya usiku anarufi kwa nyumba anachukuwa nguo anarudi kwako tena, then you also take him to Coast," she said.

Redna told Judy that Sam is now her responsibility because she's now moving on in peace.

"Judy, I left Sam for you sasa stop kunitajataja everywhere. You said nilifanya akakonda, hakuwa anakula and he was depressed. Sasa mother him. he's all yours now," she said.

However, Judy vehemently denies any romantic involvement with Sam, asserting that their relationship was purely platonic.


She insists that she only offered support to Sam after he confided in her about his breakup with Redna.

Judy Thee Traveller took to social media on March 19 to shed light on the timeline of events surrounding Sam and Redna's breakup.

Judy disclosed that Sam and Redna allegedly parted ways in December 2023, during a period of estrangement between the couple.


She shared screenshots of their conversations over the months to corroborate her claims and to clear her name of any wrongdoing.

Redna's followers have responded to her revelations, advising her to refrain from mentioning Redna's name in her social media posts.


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