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Mr Nice expresses disappointment over comparison to Diamond Platnumz

Mr Nice says he is the pioneer of Bongo music

Mr Nice

Tanzanian legendary singer Mr Nice expressed his disappointment at being compared to Diamond Platnumz and demanded respect for his contributions to the music industry.

In an interview with Clouds Media, Nice asserted that he is a pioneer in the Bongo music industry, highlighting that artists like Diamond looked up to him during their formative years.

He emphasized that he holds more value and significance as their role model.


However, Nice acknowledged the importance of adapting to the changing times and appreciating titles bestowed upon him by the public.

While asserting his influence and legacy, he also recognized the need to embrace the present and acknowledge the achievements of younger artists.

Mr Nice voiced his discontent, feeling that he does not receive the recognition he deserves, despite being the first East African artist to successfully fill stadiums with his own performances.

His statement draws attention to his accomplishments and suggests a desire for his contributions to be acknowledged and celebrated.


He said that what Burna Boy is currently doing is not new, emphasizing that he has always had backup, which is why his shows consistently sell out.

According to Mr Nice, he stated that he had experienced success in his own shows in the past, and he does not hold anyone accountable for his current situation. He expressed that he carries no regrets regarding his journey in the music industry.

Mr Nice further expressed his opinion that Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu should engage with relevant authorities to regulate the music production process in the country.


In a sarcastic tone, he commented on the music scene in Kenya, suggesting that people there simply sing without much consideration for the quality of their music.

He expressed surprise at times when he hears certain songs, implying that some lack the desired level of skill or finesse.

He added that such artists often complain about the lack of television exposure for their shows, and he maintained that the content produced by artists should be closely monitored.

According to Mr Nice, artists frequently express dissatisfaction with the limited television coverage their shows receive. He stressed the importance of closely monitoring the content that artists produce.


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