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Nazizi explains why she didn't announce second pregnancy

Nazizi has opened up about health issues surrounding her pregnancy.

Rapper Nazizi introduces her son the public for the first time after 10 months (Video)

Musician Nazizi Hirji has opened up about how her first two pregnancies have led her to contemplate using a surrogate for her third child.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, Nazizi confirmed that her youngest son Jazeel Adam was born prematurely at 7 months and spent two months in an incubator.

The Nataka Kuwa Famous hitmaker also recounted having experienced difficulties when she was expecting her first born, Tafari Firoz. She added that the baby bump did not show until the seventh month.


Claims of her using a surrogate emerged after she introduced her 10-month-old baby which came as a surprise for many who didn’t find out that she had given birth.

Unlike many celebrities who announce their pregnancy by doing baby bump shoots or making public appearances while expecting, Nazizi kept her situation away from hawk eyed Kenyans.

“In my culture, we prefer not to show off bumps. There are no existing pictures of me on social media pregnant, even with my first.

“It is funny that people feel like if they did not see it, then it did not happen. We share what we want to share. Wait till you see who he looks like,” she explained.


Nazizi family

Jazeel Adam – is Nazizi’s son with runway and commercial model Boy Caro or Anaka Adams.

Credible reports say that she separated with Vini Leopold, dad to her other son Tafari.

Tafari was in the limelight in 2019 following his interaction with President Uhuru Kenyatta at the 80th anniversary of the St Mary's School Nairobi where he is an alumnus.


Nazizi’s son who is a student at the school scored the opportunity to cut the cake along side President Kenyatta who was dressed in the school’s uniform.

The rapper took to social media to express her excitement saying: “The president of my heart Tafari Firoz got to meet the President of Kenya yesterday. The celebration was Saints at 80 and yes Uhuru Kenyatta is an old Saints boy. Super proud mum.”


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