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Silva Kido - I've sacrificed many relationships for my career

Digital journalist Silva Kido reveals sacrifices he has made in his path while working with Butita's media company.

Silva Kido

Yussuf Hussein, popularly known as Silva Kido, has emerged as a prominent figure in Kenya's digital media landscape.

The Base Radio presenter has carved out a niche for himself through hard work and determination.

In an interview with Iko Nini, Kido shared insights into his journey to success, which began with humble beginnings and hustling in Nairobi.


Kido revealed that joining SPM Buzz marked a significant turning point in his career trajectory.

He credited his introduction to the platform to comedian Butita, whom he met in 2016/2017 while working at a different job.

Describing Butita as more than just a boss but also a mentor, Kido emphasised the positive impact Butita had on his personal and professional development.

"In the limelight, he's my boss but behind the scenes, he's a mentor. Tulipatana na Butita 2016/2017 tukiwa job fulani. He took my number and we later met...Butita showed us we can achieve whatever we want to achieve in life," he said.


Butita's willingness to share his knowledge and connections in the industry allowed Kido to expand his network and pursue opportunities he once thought were out of reach.

Butita's mentorship extended beyond professional realms, encompassing mental, physical, and financial growth.

Kido highlighted Butita's inclusive leadership style, where everyone received fair compensation and opportunities for personal and professional development.


"He showed us that we could grow with him. Mentally, physically, and even financially. He used to tag me along in his meetings and allowed me to be part of his management. He introduced me to industry players who I now work with... He has never changed to date. He always makes sure everybody gets something at the end of the month..." he said.

Through Butita's mentorship, Kido gained exposure to industry players and secured lucrative business deals, including memorable experiences like traveling on a private jet for important meetings.

"It was through Butita that I got on a private jet. We went to Mombasa to meet business partners and we closed the deal on air. He had a chance to go with anyone else but me," he said.


Kido acknowledged the sacrifices he made to reach his current position, including sacrificing personal relationships and time with loved ones.

"For us kufika mahali tumefika ni sacrifices tumemake. I've sacrificed my relationships mob sana, I've lost contact na wasee wangu because of SPM. I rarely see my mum, although si huongea on the phone," he said.

Despite the challenges and hardships along the way, Kido remains committed to his craft, driven by his passion for digital media and the opportunities it presents.


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