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TikToker Daddeysgal shares sneak peek of house she is building [Video]

Daddeysgal is renowned for her engaging videos delivered in her signature broken English

House Daddeysgal is building in her village

In an awe-inspiring display of gratitude and filial piety, TikToker Daddeysgal has taken to the popular social media platform to share the fruits of her content creation labor—a permanent house built for her parents.

The social media influencer, renowned for her engaging videos delivered in her signature broken English, showcased the nearly completed home, situated upcountry, in a heartfelt short clip that has since captured the admiration and applause of her followers.

Filmed against the backdrop of the red oxide veranda of the under-construction residence, the footage reveals a house on the brink of becoming a warm, family home.

With windows set and roofing completed, the structure awaits only the finishing touches of paint to stand complete.


Daddeysgal caption, infused with gratitude and reflection, narrates the journey's hurdles and the unwavering support that saw her through.

“I thank God for this far even though it has been challenging, but I have overcome through God's grace and mercy.

"Some people cut me off, thinking I would disturb them by asking for help, but God has been on my side as my backup. I thank all of those who supported me always,” she expressed.

The revelation of the house construction sparked a flood of congratulatory messages from fans, echoing sentiments of pride, joy, and blessings.


"Eeeeeeeiiiiish baby sister see what [God] has done for you 🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏if parents are happy we are happy," one fan commented, mirroring the collective joy and support from her online community.

Reaction two: Nothing so wonderful like when you make your parents happy...blessings your way....congratulations

Reaction three: May you never lack, may God always be on your side like he has always been

Reaction four: Congratulations, may God keep elevating you 🙏🏾 I tap into the blessings Reaction five: Am going to build my parents a house like this soon God hear my prayers


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