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I just wanted to post videos of my brother and I - Kate Kendy on how she started her YouTube channel


YouTuber, Kate Kendy

When she walked into the Pulse offices for an interview, we already knew that a lovable soul was among us. Kate Kendy Wanjiku, popularly known as Kate Kendy is a charmer. She is beautiful, bubbly, warm, and has an infectious smile.

Kate’s lovely persona was present in the room and she made interviewing her easy.

What's Kate Kendy’s Vlog about?

I am a Digital Content Creator on Instagram and YouTube and my content is based on my passion projects i.e. food, travel and mental health.


Why did you start a YouTube channel?

I actually started it as a family thing. Initially, I wanted to just post videos of me and my brother then I would send them to my family. I hadn't put my channel on private and people would reach out and tell me how they loved the content and I was like haiya kumbe I can make this a thing. I enjoyed doing it and I had fun with it so I thought I could further it.

An influencer is...

A person who has influence? I think you need to have an audience and people need to trust you, in order for them to accept and purchase what you're selling to them.

Honestly, I hate the word influencer but I guess I am because I do influence and recommend things to my audience.


My day looks like?

Currently, I post twice a week so I have to make sure I remember to vlog everything I do. After breakfast, I start planning my day so that I know what to post. I’d never want to exhaust my audience so I ensure I don't post boring content. Sometimes I go about my day and forget to vlog so I always have to remember to show everything on camera.

Where do you draw the line on what to vlog on?

Okay, it's hard for me to separate the two because my life is my content. I do show my family and I show myself in vulnerable situations so the line is non-existent for me. There’s actually no line. (Laughs)


Are there any rules to creating content on YouTube and Instagram?

My personal rule is to be authentic. Also, consistency. I believe posting consistently is a rule for all if not most content creators, otherwise you might be easily forgotten.

Are there any topics you shy away from?

I usually avoid topics that I have no factual information on. I wouldn't want to offend or seem ignorant about stuff. At the moment, I haven't found a particular thing that I wouldn't talk about.


Give us a social media hack

Having a content calendar is key. Another thing is scheduling your posts. It makes everything easier. For me, I will show you the day but not the date and that's because a lot of my content requires backdating and editing.

You've been on YouTube since Feb 10 2017

Oh, YouTube is a lot! It does not give you instant gratification like other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. You really have to be passionate and just have that self drive. It's a place where most people are vulnerable in terms of defining what to post, the duration of how many times you can post and how long your videos are. There's no limit to YouTube and people end up revealing a lot about themselves. So it allows you to be you and just be authentic. Consistency is key because the platform’s algorithm picks on it and it's also how you will get discovered.


Tell us about financial literacy.

I wish I knew about investments and saving earlier and I wish it would be taught in schools. I feel like there should be more knowledgeable content creators who talk about finance.

What would you do if you weren't a content creator?

I love the culinary arts and I would probably be a chef. I really should explore getting a degree or certification on it.

And she's not kidding guys. Her Instagram page actually explores her foodie passion. She’s someone you would love to get to know and looks like she can get along with people easily. Get to know the charming, Kate Kendy.


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