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Zuchu apologises after Zanzibar imposes suspension for indecent performance

Zuchu faces repercussions after controversial Zanzibar performance, handed 6-month suspension & mandatory fine

Tanzanian singer Zuchu ( Instagram )

Tanzanian singer Zuhura aka Zuchu found herself at the center of a storm following her recent performance in Zanzibar.

The songstress, known for her melodious tunes and captivating stage presence, faced suspension by the Zanzibar Arts, Census, Film, and Cultural Council (BASSFU) after her appearance at the Full Moon Kendwa Night show on February 24.

Zuchu's performance stirred controversy and raised eyebrows among Zanzibar residents. Videos of her act circulated online, sparking outrage and prompting the Cultural Council to take action.


The council, tasked with safeguarding Zanzibar's rich cultural heritage, found Zuchu's performance unsuitable for the island's cultural norms.

In response to public concern, the BASSFU swiftly launched an investigation into the matter.

The council suspended Zuchu from performing in Zanzibar for a period of six months, citing her inappropriate show as the reason for the disciplinary action.


The suspension underscores the seriousness with which Zanzibar authorities view any deviation from the island's cultural standards.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Zuchu issued a heartfelt apology through her label, WCB.

She expressed regret for the chaos caused by her performance and clarified that her intention was solely to entertain her fans.


In her official statement, Zuchu apologised for the words she used during the show, recognizing their negative impact on society and her supporters.

“I would like to use this opportunity to apologise for the words I used in the rhyme that caused chaos at the Full Moon Party - Kendwa Beach Zanzibar festival recently. I know that the words have brought confusion to many of you and brought a negative meaning to society and my fans. My intention was to bring good entertainment and happiness to all my fans," she said.

Pledging to avoid such incidents in the future, Zuchu emphasized her commitment to working with her team to ensure that her performances uphold moral standards and avoid controversy.

"It is not my goal to mislead, erode morals, or cause trouble for anyone. I am taking a pledge today to work with my team to ensure that such incidents do not happen again at future concerts. I apologize again to the community and the Arts Council (BASATA) who are my guardians," she said.


She expressed her desire to bring happiness and entertainment to her fans without causing confusion or trouble.


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