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I use condom with fiancée during her unsafe days - Chipukeezy opens up

Chipukeezy shares how he learnt about sex

He disclosed that his ‘babe’ wanted to get a family planning injection but he refused saying it may have adverse effects on her especially since she has not had kids yet.

Chipukeezy, who was recently appointed by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi as a member of the NACADA board, has opened up on how he learnt about sex.

'Peeping Tom'


Chipukeezy, 28, revealed how he used to peep through the window and see adults ‘on top of each other’.

He narrated, “Our next-door neighbors sent us to buy sweets and bread as a bribe for us to leave the area, so they could get naked and “climb” each other. I was in Class 3, and l became a peeping Tom. Later on, our house girl would invite her boyfriend to our house and they would have sex. I would be in the same house but they thought l couldn’t see them. When l was around 11, a classmate bought a porn magazine which we read together. We were caught and punished. I always wondered why they punished.”

As it happens in many African homes, Chipukeezy would be chased whenever there were kissing scenes during soap operas or the TV would be switched off abruptly.


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