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Photo of NTV The Trend's Cindy Ogana during Baby Shower

All The Best!

The TV personality revealed the news through her Instagram where she thanked her friend for organizing her baby shower.

She wrote, “I am so blessed to have the bestest friend in the whole wide world. Thank you  for organising an AMAZING baby shower. Let's eat up this life(tukule maisha) , my fairest June...With a fork and knife, with a plate and a spoon.”

Within no time her comment section started to be filled with congratulatory messages and well wishers.


Revelation Post

The mother of one revealed she was expectant in a #FormNiGani post. In the post, she urged the youth to make informed decisions about sex and that they should be aware of the consequences of sex. She also said that sex should be left to those who can handle it responsibly.

“I attended a girls-only Catholic school for my primary education. When I was 9, we were taught about reproductive health, mainly focusing on reproductive health and the importance of being chaste. For me, I use “safe days” for family planning. I have one child and I’m expecting a second baby.”  Read a part of the post.

“Premarital sex has its drawbacks: unwanted pregnancies, infections, even heartbreak. For me, sex is best when two consenting adults get together, cognizant of the consequences of their actions. Sex is best left to those who can handle it responsibly. #FormNiGani” She added.


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