Why artist's mother forcefully took over ‘State House’ from Zari

Diamond apparently has more than 6 mansions he has not shown off to the public including, however his mum has taken over the house he built Zari in Tanzania.

Diamond platnumz and his mother

This comes a few weeks after it was revealed that Zari and Diamond Platnumz mum were not in good terms. Posts and quotes were shared on Instagram however none came out to reveal what the problem was.

Now, Diamond Platnumz mum Sanura says the big house in Madale is hers and this is because he promised her the first house he would build would be hers.

Sanura says the house rightfully belongs to her and her sisters meaning no one can throw her out of State House.

Speaking to Millard Ayo, Sanura went further to reveal that his son has mansions he has not yet revealed to the public including the new mansion he recently bought zari in South Africa, therefore taking over state house is not a big deal.

This same house was said to be Zari’s, but now the mother-in-law has literally thrown her out and is not afraid to talk about it.

The drama gets worse as Zari and Diamond’s family are not getting along. According to rumours making rounds on social media apparently Zari was also disliked very much by her ex husbands family for her ‘gold-digging ways’.

Anyway, well at least the lass managed to convince her beau to purchase her another house in South Africa.

Listen to the audio below courtesy of Millard Ayo.


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