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Diana Marua: My husband is taking our love for granted

The couple were vlogging as Bahati drove to work.

Singer Bahati and Diana Marua

Diana Marua has admitted that she misses how much time she used to spend with her husband, Bahati. In her latest vlog posted on her YouTube channel, the content creator rekindled the days the musician used to take her everywhere including meetings.

"Kitambo Baha akijua anataka kunidate, tulikuwa tunashinda na Baha everyday, every second, every millisecond of my life...saa hii I'm the one begging for time," Marua poured her heart out as the two were driving out to work.

A bemused Bahati responded by saying how the situation changed once the couple got children. The couple has a son by the name Majesty, a daughter known as Heaven, and their adopted child Morgan, alongside Bahati's other daughter, Mueni whom she sired with his ex, Yvetee Obura.

"At times I need to be alone in thos meetings so that I can fight like a man. A man gotta do what he has to do for his family to eat," clarified Bahati.


You can watch the full video below:

A few months back, Marua explained how their marriage has not always been as rosy as many assume. There was a time challenges surrounding their relationship pushed her to consider calling it quits.

Recalling their early difficult dating years during an interview with SimuliziNaSauti, Diana admitted that after her relationship with Bahati became public, critics camped on her social media trolling her for dating a man three years younger than her.


Being new to the attention she was getting, Diana confessed that she considered breaking up with Bahati so that people could stop talking about her.

"The first two years were crazy, actually the first two years were mad and I had to toughen up. At the time he had not introduced any other woman on his social media except me.

Then the issue of our age difference came up and people started talking. Just new in a relationship and with the age difference talk going on I felt I couldn't stay in the relationship anymore because I couldn't stand being talked about," she said.

However, the duo has grown to become one of the most envied celebrity couples in Kenya due to their undeniable chemistry and outward affection.


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