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Sean Kibaki’s ex talks of ‘hellish experience’ at the hands of his family

We all watched in shock as Elodie Zone’s and Sean Kibaki’s relationship crumbled before our eyes.

A situation that Elodie Zone describes as one of the lowest moments in her life as she went through hell.

“There are three times in my life that I have really gone through hell. The first time was when I was around 14 or 15 people used to call me a whore, they used to say I was sleeping around. I wasn’t doing any of it, I didn’t really do a lot and people would still talk about me and it sucked.” She said on YouTube when speaking of her first hellish experience.

Following the vicious slut rumour, Elodie was forced to start her YouTube channel because she didn’t have any friends as people shunned her following the ‘slut’ tag. “I started my YouTube channel because I didn’t have any friends because of those rumours of people calling me a slut, and that is when my family and friends would say some hurtful things. They told me a job as a YouTuber is not a job, that I’m embarrassing myself on the internet and that I am not making it in life.” Elodie disclosed. Luckily her family saw the light once she started making name for herself on YouTube and getting some endorsements.


Her third hellish moment came after what she once called a very toxic relationship with Kibaki’s grandson, Sean Kibaki. She claimed that after the breakup members of the Kibaki family and Sean Kibaki's friends had a very strong negative reaction to the break up, which was directed at her. Making their break up even more dramatic than it should have been.

“I found myself getting into a serious relationship which was public and after it ended,  a lot of backlash started coming to my direction from his family and his friends. He had been posting a lot of lies about me online, he had been contacting media house and so this thing essentially blew up. It really hurt me because it wasn’t just dealing with my first real break up from a relationship I was very serious in but it now came down to media houses, people I don’t know, that I’ve never met talk about me.” She revealed.

After her confession, she gave this piece of advice to her viewers “When you are in a relationship and there is a lot of hate coming from one side of the relationship, the problem is not you the problem is theirs. They either still have feelings for you that they cannot let go of so they are getting satisfaction though talking bad about you and others talking about you because it makes them feel like they are in a better place.”

After all the drama, Elodie has moved on with one Jeremy Mwendwa who she was spotted with in Mauritius recently.


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