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Don't mourn the death of NASA protesters, their bodies should be eaten by dogs - Huddah Monroe

The families should not even bury them, they should let their bodies get eaten by dogs - Huddah Monroe

And she had people calling her names after she took to social media to rant after one of her messengers got hurt during a demonstration.

“One of my messengers got hurt today while minding his own business. He wasn’t demonstrating but these fools caused him pain….He was innocently working for his family and he is now in hospital. Just coz of the so-called ‘peaceful demonstrations’. Nobody should mourn the death of any of these rioters. You should say good riddance to bad rubbish” Read part of her angry outburst.

“Personally I think nobody should mourn the death of anyone who dies at a demonstration the families should not even bury them, they should let their bodies get eaten by dogs. You live by the sword you die by the sword. If u say I am heartless I’m not. Some people deserve what happens to them.”


Given the rising cases of police brutality in NASA demos, it's understandable why such comments can strike a raw nerve. But Huddah remains unmoved by the irritated fans. “You can unfollow if you disagree with my earlier sentiments. There is nothing you add to my life anyways.

You want us to mourn yet ni msiba wa kujitakia, my messenger is in a hospital because of that, yet he is innocent.He is also someone’s dad, someone’s brother. Those are the ones who deserve your prayers.”

Huddah then went on to add that she doesn’t care what people think of her opinion as she is saying out loud what millions of Kenyans are thinking.

“I don’t give af**ck. Can't sit on my opinion because it is heartless there are millions of Kenyans who want to say the same thing but can’t, at least I am their spokesperson. Wicked people deserve no love or any mercy.”


She also took time out from her tirade to mourn those children who have lost their lives.


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