Huddah Monroe gets emotional as she opens up about drug addiction

She also disclosed how she started using hard drugs.

The cosmetic CEO divulged that she got into drugs due to the influence of a boyfriend who encouraged her to get high with him.

“You know when you are in a relationship, they confuse you somehow. So I was in a relationship and the person was on drugs. Nilikuwa nampenda. Na unajua ukipenda mtu , sijui wanaume mnakuwanga aje, mnatu-brainwash. Mtu anafuata  venye unasema. The guy was on drugs so when we were dating akaniambia ‘aah jaribu hii tu kidogo’ because he wants you to be on the same level as him.” She disclosed in a touching interview on the Chipukeezy Show.

Her dabble in drugs took a dark turn and turned into 2 years of addiction. “I was an addict for like two years. I started when I was 18.” She said.

Lucky for her, Big Brother Africa came to her rescue as it offered some sort of rehab for her. “Kwanza the reason I went to Big Brother is that I really begged them to pick me coz I really needed to go to a rehab or something. Big Brother was my rehab.”

Unfortunately, her rehab was cut short as she was eliminated during the first week and that is when Huddah decided to take the bull by its horns. “When I came back I didn’t want to be a laughing stock. I didn’t want people to say that they once knew Huddah and now see how she is, she has gone mad. I decided to just let it go.”


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