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I have dated well-off people - Diana Marua speaks on being with Bahati for the money

Her fiancé Bahati is one of the highest earning Gospel artistes in the country.

Diana Marua and Bahati in Dubai for a Holiday

Diana Marua has spoken on claims that she is with Bahati for his money. An accusation that Bahati finds laughable as Diana revealed.

The mum-of-two disclosed that despite what people have said she loves Bahati who genuinely loves her back, money ain’t a thing.

Miss Marua revealed that she has had her share of well-off men who have treated her to the finest cuisine, indulged her with cars but what Bahati has to offer trumps all that. With Bahati, she not only finds genuine love but he is a man she can grow and build a legacy with.


“…Others say I want him for the money. Even he laughs about that. If it was about money I would be with well-off people I have dated who would have offered me a lot, including cars. With Bahati, I asked God for someone who would love me genuinely and Bahati was the man I knew I wanted to grow and build a legacy with,” Diana told True Love Magazine.

Violent childhood

She seems to have found her Heaven with Bahati as he offered love which was in stark contrast to what she went through as a kid. Miss Marua grew up with a father she described as ‘extremely violent’ and he was so vicious that her mum left them when she was 6 years old leaving her in the hands of her dad.

“It got worse when she left. Looking back I think my dad was bitter. If he had problems at work, he would come home and take his anger out on us. He was a perfectionist. If he found a grain of rice on the floor or a crooked picture frame on the wall, I would get in serious trouble,” she told the Magazine.


Things got so bad that the househelps wouldn’t stay and at some point, Diana had to take on the burden of household chores. “The domestic managers he had employed never stayed and by the time I got to upper primary I took on the workload.”

The workload interfered with her school work as she would get home at 8:00 pm, cook, clean her and her siblings' uniforms then wait for the dad to arrive. He would arrive at 10:00 pm and she would serve him food, clean his shoes then go to bed. Despite her sacrifices, she would still get beaten. Beatings that she compared to how thieves are beaten.

Unfortunately, when she tried to reach out for help some ignored her while others did not believe that her dad was a violent man. Even those who believed like her mum told her to persevere.

At some point, Diana decided she was done with that life and during her second year of university she left home and lived with a friend before she started life off as an MPESA agent.


From the MPESA shop, she got a job at a marketing company where she was paid Kshs25,000 as an administrative assistant. A job she did for four years before landing an account manager’s job at Bio Foods where she earned Kshs92, 200. After one and a half years at the company she suddenly quit, a decision she describes as one of the ‘worst decisions’ of her life.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom as it was also the year when she met Bahati who was looking for the lead girl for his song Mapenzi, and as they say the rest is history.


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