Details of the wealth Ivan left Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan has finally revealed what Ivan left her...

Zari and Ivan

Rumours which Zari Hassan has come to deny admitting that there was a fight in the family over Ivan’s money but she was not involved in it.

“I wasn’t fighting; I heard the stories from the other family. Yaani it wasn’t a priority to me because I know what belongs to the kids or me or whatever, everyone shall get what belongs to them.”She said.

She said that Ivan’s uncle’s behaviour after Ivan’s death over the money did not please her because he was not Ivan’s dad, he was his uncle and he was not entitled to Ivan’s wealth. He knew very well that Ivan had left his kids behind so what did he expect they would survive on?

“You are a grown able man why don’t you look for your things, are you snatching the kids' money?” She wondered out loud during the ineterview.

She then went on to add that she wouldn’t fight Ivan’s relatives and has no beef with them because they are family, whether she likes it or not. Plus she never knows when she might need their support given that she has sons and will need their help now that Ivan is gone. They might have their step-father Diamond, but he cannot do it alone, they will need support from Ivan’s family.

In a video posted online by Uganda’s Big Mouth site, Ivan was said to have left everything in Zari’s care since she is the mother of his 3 sons. She was said to have also been granted the power of attorney which basically means she is allowed to make financial decisions on behalf of Ivan like selling property for him and conducting business transactions.

Speaking on Millard Ayo, Zari revealed that she had not been granted power of attorney but had been left with some of Ivan’s businesses to run which included a college in South Africa and other property in Uganda.

“Obviously when it comes to the businesses, I will continue handling them since I’m the mum. About power of attorney no it hasn’t been put in place, but I will run the colleges in South Africa, he has two properties one in his name, one in both our names. I have my own property which I’m renting and will continue managing.” She said before adding “We will take it one day at a time to keep his legacy going.”

She also revealed that despite a wide-spread rumour that she dated Ivan for the money they actually started from the very bottom with Ivan. "We had no money, we worked our way up.” She said.


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