I know Harmonize still loves me - Jacqueline Wolper

True Love doesn't die.

But Wolper is bound to reignite it with some comments in regards to Harmonize who she claimed is still in love with her.

“Rajab (Harmonize) and I are done. I have moved on but I know he still loves me. I don’t love him back. He is just my ex. Forget all the things he has posted about me on social media,” She told Word Is as she scouted for the location of House of Stylish in Kenya.

No bad blood

And despite her fights with Sarah, there is no bad blood between her and Harmonize’s  lady.

“About his current girlfriend Sarah, I don’t have any problem or beef with her,” she declared.

A turnaround from the time she called Sarah abnormal and someone to be pitied.

“When Sarah reacts and insults me on social media, it’s something to be pitied and forgiven as she is very insecure. Poor girl, she believes that I will snatch her man and I don’t have that time. She believes that because I am her medicine, she believes I can take away Harmonize but I can’t because if I leave, I leave.” Wolper told Bongo 5.


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