Jaguar reacts after Kenyans bashed him over Sh52,000 concert ticket pricing

The musician is said to have asked for close to 52,000 to watch him live.

“Entrance 500 dollars? Huyu designer wa hii poster must be illiterate like Jaguar himself….ata Jaguar can’t recognise that petty mistake before apost!!!!Enyewe jubilee ina wajinga wengi.” Wycliffe Getaro Winds wrote with Derrick Kevin Nyabuto adding “Haha entry is 500 dollars kshs, whatever currency that is lol. Your flyer is just as confused as your music. You couldn’t even check it for errors and you expect anyone to get any form of message from the garbage you call music.”

It seems that all the hullaballoo over the ticket prices was for nothing as it seems that there was a typing error or they added the dollar sign to make the poster ‘look cool’.

This morning, Jaguar put up a new poster clarifying that his concert was only Sh500 and not 500 dollars.


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