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Hot grandpa sends ladies into a frenzy with ripped body (Photos)

#MrStealYourMom or #MrStealYourAuntie.

But the ladies are not the only ones who admire Titus, he has become a fitness and fashion icon for the lads. Thanks to his muscular frame, Titus has earned the nicknames of #MrStealYourMom or #MrStealYourAuntie #Rippedgrandpa.

The stylish man who has the ladies swooning and commenting on his stunning physique attributes his fit body to a good diet, exercise and a positive state of mind.

“You start off being old mentally. You start thinking of yourself as old. It limits your way of thinking, your possibilities, what you’re capable of doing and what you think you should be doing...You are your only limit. You can’t stop yourself from actually getting older, but getting old, yes you can! Once you get there mentally, the physical follows. Because if you embody what you think and you live it, then age is just a number. Some people die at 25 but they’re not buried until they are 70. I just refuse for that to be me,” Titus was quoted on


On keeping fit after 50, Titus explained that it’s a path one can choose and commit to. And it doesn’t have to be a laborious process, one can fall in love with the process.

“There’s a decision you have to make, and then there’s information. Most people fail because mentally they don’t commit. I’m not Superman. There’s nothing particularly different about me other than I made a commitment. If you change your diet and habits and actually diligently work and work and work towards it, you will get better, period. Fall in love with the process, learn the process. A lot of people want to focus on the results but they don’t want to focus on the process. The results will take care of itself,” He told the


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