Kathy Kiuna's latest tweet on tithe sparks endless discussion

The tweet has attracted mixed reactions among Kenyans

On Sunday, Kathy took to her Twitter handle to share a message stating that no one can remain poor for being a sincere tither.

“Tithing is an obedience issue. You cannot be a tither, a sincere tither and remain poor. ”

Many who shared their sentiments differed with the JCC Bishop, with others stating that modern churches focus so much on the money factor.

Reactions from KOT

"You're a millionaire but you're stealing from the poor in the name of tithing. How many people in your church can afford your lifestyle?"

"I wish you focused on the Gospel of the cross. Salvation and forgiveness of sins instead of prosperity Gospel."

"It would be very hard for the Rich to See Heaven, Than a Camel Pass through the Eye of a needle~ The Bible. You are not exceptional. Better be poor than being Rich, if you are looking forward to See Heaven, That is to say the Poor has less demand than the Rich."

"Hahaha, faithful thither is he whom you and your husband steal from to fund your holiday in foreign exotic places while he or she remains poor."

"They are always preaching about money. ..The thunder that will strike you guys"

"Madam tablet nunulia waumini tablets pia. Why don't you ever touch the Real Bible while preaching and you should stop talking about money all the time"

Comments on Kathy Kiuna's tweet


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