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Kabi wa Jesus excites netizens after advising them to wash their phones as well as their hands

Wenye hamna simu waterproof mtaenda wapi?

Kabi wa Jesus excites netizens after advising them to wash their phones as well as their hands

Peter Kabi popularly known as Kabi wa Jesus thrilled Kenyans after posting a video of himself washing his phone.

Kabi then went ahead to advise Kenyans to remember to wash their phones as well as their hands amid the Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

He added that phones get a lot of germs and washing them is essential to prevent the spread of germs.


“I hope you are keeping safe and you are washing your hands, don’t forget to wash your phones even as you wash your hands because the phone keeps getting a lot of germs, so how do you wash your phone? You wash the screen, lather, wash the sides, watch the back, watch the charging port make sure its all sparkling and let the water run” said Kabi as he gave directions to his followers on how to wash a phone.

His fans were surprised that he could wash a phone which could still function properly afterwards.

Unataka tuoshe masimu tukimaliza kuosha tutafute mchele na blow dries kukausha😂😂😂 We don't all use waterproof phones😂by doing that some phones will die before Corona gets to the owners phone😂” read one of the fan’s comments.

Others accused him of mocking people who didn’t have waterproof phones.


"As you wash your hand remember to wash your phones 🤣🙊🤣🙊😂. The tissue holder is from @adenzo_comfies we all need one so that we use single use towels after washing our hands. Also just check out @mobilehubkenya for good quality phones that you can wash. Mnaosha phone ama ikiguza maji inapata Corona immediately 😂😂🙈? #washyourhands #covid19 #NiJesus It shall be well" read Kabi's post.

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Here are some of the comments;

faithnjorogemiss God bless me nioshange simu😂


chebby_chinito Wait what? Is the phone still working? 😍

mecyshazzy You want you to miss followers mmmmhhhh wacha kutuchocha sasa naniiii😂😂😂

nimoh_kat Wengine wetu tukiosha simu Zina zima 😂

lydia_1gb Why are u insulting us😢😢😢watu WA Nokia

pearl_michelle Weeeeeh lanes lanes. If i dare touch my phone with wet hands inapata seizure inaimba wimbo 😂😂😂😂😂


tabzkanjee Woi yangu nikiosha naisahau, God bless me with this kind of phone.

muthoni.rhoda Wa simu mwitu Tukae wapi😢😢😢

iam_damah What did I just see 😢😢😢 I actually thought it was a prank!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

deeunyeunic Can someone buy for me such a phone please #covid19 haitaki mlika mwizi😜😜

bevarhlee 🤣🤣🤣🤣please please for the faint hearted,dont try this at home...


kuotz Kabi unataka tuoshe techno zizime 🤣🤣

lynaudrie Nani tu natumia kabambe😂😂ikianguka tu Ni stress inanipea,,, sasa ikishika maji si nimekufa

juliet_kemunto Ni sawa tu Kabi... Mungu anakuona 😂😂😂tucheke tu


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