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Khaligraph Jones goes ham on girlfriend who left him for another man

Khaligraph Jones is bitter

Papa Jones, as he calls himself, narrated how his girl ran into another man’s arms  after he was sent home for school fees.

In a video clip seen by, Khaligraph says that he hopes the two lovebirds are watching the video and that he does not want anything to do with them.


“So I just remembered something. So when I was in high school there was this girl I used to like. Dame alikuwa fiti mrembo manze and girl used to like me too, so it was like a thing. Now kidogo kidogo kuna kanewcomer kaliketwa shule yetu. Kaboy kaafi manze. That boy was clean nini nini. The uniform was always well ironed. Alikuwa tu boy msafi. Kidogo kidogo nikachujwa system because ya fee, sikuwa nimeraise hio fee so nikakaa home for two weeks. By the time I was going back to school nikapata huyu nigga amenirusha huyu dame. Now I hope munaona hii video Nyinyi wawili. Kwendeni huko nyinyi wote.”

Khaligraph Jones who has created a niche for himself in music industry is known for hits such as Now You Know, The Khali Cartel, Omollo, Mazishi among others.



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