Ali Kiba demands DNA test

Ali Kiba now wants a DNA test after being accused of impregnating yet another Mombasa girl.

Ali Kiba

Bongo star Ali Kiba is being accused of dining and dashing in Mombasa after impregnating a Mombasa girl during one of his visits here before disappearing into thin air.

According to various sites, the lady even flew all the way to Dar es Salaam in a bid to get Ali Kiba to take responsibility for her pregnancy. Apparently, since she got pregnant, all she has been receiving is ‘blue ticks’ from the ‘Aje’ singer who doesn’t reply to her texts or pick up her calls.

Soudy Brown of U-heard sought to find out the truth and Ali denied knowing the lady he supposedly impregnated.

“Dada mgani?”He asked feigning surprise.

To which Soudy replied with “Yule ulimuachia kibendi Mombasa kwa show na sasa amejifungua."

Then Ali said "Amlete mtoto sasa. Kama kuna mtu anaongea hivyo vitu si unaenda unamuona na unamsikiliza na kama ana mtoto lazima apimwe damu (DNA)."

Listen to the audio below:

This is not the first time the singer has been linked to a Mombasa girl. Last year a Mombasa beauty by the name Rahima Faisal admitted to a steamy affair with the singer that eventually culminated into pregnancy. Sadly, she has lost the pregnancy due to circumstances beyond her control.


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