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Betty Kyallo reveals what she did to overcome the pain when her marriage crumbled

Betty Spills the Beans Again

Through an 11 point article featured on the Sunday Standard, Betty has revealed on how managed to find her comeback, despite being in the middle of storm last year.

According to the news anchor, she considered a number of factors that helped propel her life back to track again.

She narrates that she was forced to delete all the social media Applications on her gadgets so that she could grieve in peace and be in a reflective space.


Allow Yourself to Weep

“When I was in the heat of it early last year, I went off social media completely. I deactivated and deleted every social media app from my phone – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I had to grieve in peace and be in a reflective space. People want you to lose your job, and sometimes you actually go ahead and lose the job, or lose your relationship or a big business deal. It’s OK to feel sad, cry, mourn, even if it is for a day or a week or a month or two. Everybody needs that. If you find yourself moving on from such things without thinking about it or feeling anything, there’s a problem. If you do not do it, at some point it will catch up with you,” says Betty.

The TV personality states that it is okay for one to feel pain, but she cautions that one should not allow pain to consume him/her.

Don’t Be Consumed by Pain


“It’s alright to feel your pain, but don’t be consumed by it. Don’t let pain make you bitter. It’s OK to wallow for some time, but know that you have to get over it before it drowns you. Setting up Posh Palace was definitely a comeback for me. . I am still in awe. It stands for so much more than just a business. It is special to me.” Reads Betty Kyallo advice

Put God First

Betty explains that God always has a reason no matter the situation you are in. She affirms that God will have your back in everything that happens to you if you trust in Him.

“Human beings, including family, friends, and colleagues let you down, but God won’t. People think God’s answer is always going to be ‘yes’, but He doesn’t work like that. Knowing that has worked so much for me because I believe that at the end of the day, no matter what situation I am in, God has a reason for it.

best interests. Sometimes what we think is good for us is not actually good for us in the long term. As human beings, we just see what’s right in front of us but He sees eternity. When I am going through hard times, I feel comfortable knowing He has my back. That gives me comfort, knowing there is a higher power who knows how to place things where they need to be.


Lean on your support system

Betty says her family and close friends helped her get through the darkest chapter of her life. She explains that having a support system helps one because you can’t live as an island.

“Last year I would go online, and there were all these people who did not know me but had an opinion about me. My family would go online and see it all, but it would never change how they felt or looked at me because I am one of their own. The same happened with my very close friends. I would ask them, “Have you seen what these people are saying?” And they would say, “Where are you? We need to take you out ASAP.”

“ public or not. They change your story. They are there to support you and hold your hand. They are there to listen to you. Most of the time the world is not ready to listen to you; they do not want to hear your side of the story.

Having a support system really helps because in this life you cannot live as an island. You need people who are there to support you and hold your hand. Even when you do wrong, they criticise you but they do it with love. Whenever I go through a hard time, I always go back to my support system because they are the ones who know me. They do not know ‘Betty Kyallo’. They know me. They know the things that I am capable of, they know if I actually did something or not.


Remember that everyone struggles

Betty says that knowing other people also experienced what she went through helped her get through the dark chapter of her life.

“What helped me go through my very public battle, knowing that there were so many people’s eyes on me, was knowing that none of them were perfect, and neither am I. As much as you have many perfectionists out there trying to tell you what is wrong and right, remember that nobody is perfect.

“ Everybody has a struggle. Even Richard Branson with his islands and aircrafts. You could have a lot of wealth, lots of property, a gorgeous wife or husband, gorgeous children, but maybe you’re suffering from a long-term illness. That’s just life. Our battles have a way of balancing all of us out. We could be different on many levels, but there is that one thing that brings us together and that is normally a battle.”

The Full article can be located in the Standard Newspaper dated  Sunday, November 19, 2017.


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