Lady Jaydee finally speaks on her suicidal tweet

She revealed that she almost took poison!

Lady Jaydee with Nameless. Lady Jaydee finally speaks on her suicidal tweet

Speaking in an interview with Times FM’s Lil Ommy, the singer apologized to her fans saying that it was only a tweet and she did not want to say more about it.

“Niombe msamaha ni tweet tu. Lakini naomba nichague kutokuiongelea,” she said.

Jaydee went on to say that she did not think the tweet would give the wrong impression to the people who look up to her, as role model.

She added that if anyone got the wrong impression and decided to follow that route, it would be by their own choice and the role model should not be blamed at all.

“Kwa mfano mtu kama Whitney Houston kwangu mimi ndio namba moja haya kama aliamua kuingia kwenye drugs mbona mimi sijaingia kwenye drugs kwa sababu yeye alifanya hivo. Kuna vitu unafanya inakuwa kama ni somo mtu akiamua kuingia kwenye kitu kwa kuiga mkumbo kwa kitu kibaya ni yeye tu kaamua kufanya hivo Lakini asimsingizie mtu. Naamini kabisa vitu vingi vinatufundisha zaidi ya kutuangusha ni wewe mwenyewe unatakiwa uchague kipi ni sahihi kwako,” said Lady Jaydee.

Suicidal tweet

A few weeks ago, the ‘Yahaya’ singer shocked many of her followers after she revealed that she contemplated committing suicide.

In her tweet, Jaydee said that she felt like taking poison to end her life but she thought of how far she had come and asked herself how stupid she would look to take the poison, before she changed her mind.

“I thought about taking poison yesterday but then stopped myself and reminded myself where I have come from and thought it would be stupid to do such a thing. I pitied myself and got rid of the thought. Things are hard today but I am still here.” tweeted Jaydee.


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