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I curse those who killed my son - Mowzey Radio's mum painfully declares

The pain of a mum.

The singer was pushed a bouncer causing him to land on his head before he was rushed to the Case Clinic Hospital in critical condition where he fell into a coma and later died.

During his funeral at Kagga Village Nakawuka in Wakiso district, his mum couldn’t hold back her pain as she eulogized her son and cursed his killers.

“What hurts me the most is that I didn’t see the killer, I don’t know if he will ever be caught, I feel so much pain since my son has no case.” Jane Kasubo cried before adding “My son is an honest man. I didn’t only call him a son but also the father of the house and I curse those who performed such an act on him!”


We also came to learn that Radio was the sole breadwinner of the Kasubo family “My son has been everything to me. He always gave me even the little he had. Mowzey Radio always took care of his sisters. My son paid school fees for one of his sisters until she graduated recently. He had very many friends. I am left with nothing.” Jane said while speaking to the press.

She then added that despite Radio’s unsavoury reputation of causing chaos, she knew him differently. “However much others knew him as a chaotic man, I knew him as a simple, humble and talented son,” Kasubo said.


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