Mr Seed opens up on how he was conned by Nakuru promoter

Its hard out here!

Mr Seed opens up on how he was conned by Nakuru promoter

Gospel singer and song writer Mr Seed has come out to talk about a time he performed at a concert in Nakuru but the promoter who had organised the show, disappeared leaving him stranded.

In an interview with DJ Shiti on Triple P Tv, the father of one disclosed that he had traveled all the way from Nairobi to Nakuru for the performance before the incident happened.

He mentioned that he received the down payment after landing in Nakuru and promised the rest of the cash after the show, little did he know that he wouldn't get paid.

Disappointment and betrayal

Due to disappointment and betrayal, he took the banners from the church and later on used them as a carpet in his bedsitter.

"Nishawai enda show Nakuru, promoter alinitoa hapa akanipeleka Nakuru, so nikamaliza wakanipea down payment poa mimi nikafika. Kufika nikaambiwa maliza tu tutakupea. Wacha nikuambie Shiti bible inasema God ametupatia gift na sisi tutakula from our gift from hardwork ya mikono yangu. Mimi sina job ingine so ya ukweli hiyo church promoter kwanza alihepa. Niling’oa banner nilikuwa naishi kwa kabedsitter flani hapo K-South zilikam zikakuwa carpet ya kwangu" said Mr Seed.

Mr seed is one of the many artistes who have been conned by promoters.

A few months ago Zigwembe singer Bruz NewTon, expressed his disappointment after he was paid sh 5000 after a church performance, yet he had carried his team of dancers who expected to be paid at the end of the day. Many others came out to share their experiences including comedians


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