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Producer Motif Di Don shares his rate card and fans agree he is worth every shilling

The producer charges close to half a million shillings for his services

Kenyan music producer Motif di Don shares his rate card and Kenyans agree he is worth every shilling

Kenyan music producer Morris Kobia, alias Motif Di Don, is causing ripples online as fans praise his contributions to the country's music industry.

Motif, on January 23, posted his rate card online urging artistes to invest in serving their fans well-produced projects.

The 'Beats Don' posed: "How much do you invest in your audios? Let’s take our productions to the next level!"

He went on to observe that most musicians in Kenya spend more money on marketing substandard music and wonder why their careers never take off.


"Don’t blow your money on marketing a sh***y done audio, marketing an expensive video won’t save a song if it isn’t written well and properly mastered," he advised.

According to the rate card, Motif charges up to Sh350,000 (about $3,500) for a Platinum package. For the amount, the producer offers audio and video production, analog mixing and mastering, a songwriter, distribution, media training and bookings for interviews at 5 media outlets, and a press kit for the project.

His lowest quoted asking price was Sh70,000 ($700) for which an artiste is offered audio production, analog mixing and mastering, and a press kit for a single project.

He also offers a moderate Gold package at Sh300,000 (approximately $3,000) which excludes PR management and the media tour at five media outlets.


Get to know producer Motif Di Don

Producer Motif has worked with a high majority of Kenya's biggest musical acts, having launched his sterling career after working on Khaligraph Jones' 2015 hit, Yego.

"That was the first song which went big for me. I didn't produced it by myself but after it got on radio I started receiving calls with many people telling me they loved my work," he said in a past interview with PPP.

Motif has also worked with Kenyan rapper, singer and songwriter Petra Bockle, whom he credits for the signature "Motif Di Don," ad-lib which is heard at the beginning of all the songs he has produced.


Other big names who have made hits with Motif include Nameless and Wahu, Tanasha Donna, Jua Cali, Stivo Simple Boy, Ethic, Ochungulo Family, Trio Mio, Femi One, Masauti, Tanzanian Brown Mauzo, budding star, and NRG Radio presenter Yviona.

His most recently released project is Bandana Ya E-Sir, a musical tribute to the late Kenyan rapper E-Sir Mmari who died in a car accident in 2003. The song marks the 20th anniversary of the promising musician's death with proceeds from it set to go to E-Sir's family.

Learning about production on YouTube

Motif has revealed that he started learning about music production from YouTube, saying that proper production training was too expensive for him to afford at the time.


"I started fiddling with the software called FL Studio as I followed tutorials on YouTube and my friends really laughed at me. But I'd say no one should despise such software because even producers in West Africa and globally still use FL," he stated, adding that at the time he was living in Taasia, Embakasi East constituency.

Speaking on how he came about his now trademark name, the producer stated that "Di Don" was added by the celebs he has worked with. He chose "Motif" after the Yamaha Motif keyboards, the brand's range of music workstation synthesizers. He considers himself a master at keys, saying it's the part of music production he has perfected.


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