Mustapha reveals his plans with ex Marya after her breakup

Is he ready for part 2?

This is despite their acrimonious breakup 4 years ago. Mustapha had accused Marya of being a cheater and in return, Marya accused Mustapha of being abusive while they were together.

“He knows the truth and I want to remind him why I left. I can never be with an abusive man. We sat down and agreed it would never work. For him to claim that I cheated is just a publicity stunt to get mileage for his new song,” she explained to Heads Up in response to the cheating allegations.

The ‘Chokoza’ singer also alleged that Mustapha once hit her on the head and punched her in the stomach and she had to defend herself with her high heels.

Despite their not-so-pretty history, Colonel disclosed that he will be there for Marya during her difficult period and thereafter ‘see what happens’

“I know that she is going through a lot at the moment and I think we should let her be. As a friend, I am ready to support her and then we shall see after that what happens,” he told People Daily.

Marya recently broke up with one Kevin Mutisya and declared that she was a single mum after her enemies whished her bad.

“They wished and there wished was granted, being a single mum will not be easy but God will guide me through,” she posted.


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