My heart is Heavy - Ben Kitili’s wife Amina speaks after her daughter was insulted

Their Christian-Islamic union received lots of backlash 

Ben Kitili with his Wife Amina Mude (Instagram)

Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude has expressed disappointment after a social media user directed insults towards her young adorable daughter.

Ms Mude (Muslim), who went against all odds to marry a Christian (Kitili), mentioned that she has been receiving lots of insults and backlash from her Muslim brothers and sisters but others have decided to cross the line and insult her daughter.

She stated that it is not right for someone to attack an innocent child due to her parents choices, asking people to be kind and respect their decisions.

Don't insult my daughter

“So anyone who knows me, knows that the insults and backlash I constantly face from people especially my Muslim sisters and brothers, doesn't affect me. Days like this I have to admit that my heart is heavy, insult me all you can but never cross the line and abuse my precious daughter. She is sweet, kind, such a free spirit. I want her to grow up knowing that she is beautiful, strong and no matter her religion/tribe, she can be anything she wants. Shabs Abdi and people like you, kindly remember that innocent children can not and will never be judged by their parents actions. Let's be kind to one another, respect people's decisions. Islam is such a beautiful religion, don't make innocent children ran away from it. This negatively has to stop. Let's make this world a safe space for our children #bekind#temporarypost wroe Amina Mude.

Ben Kitili and Amina Wedding

KTN’s Ben Kitili and Amina got married in November last year, but their union was faced with backlash following their cross-cultural and cross-religious union since he is a Kamba-Christian and Amina is a Borana-Muslim.

Following the mixed reactions to their big day, Kitili commented that he was happy to have married the wife of his youth and emphasised that God is more important than religion.

“A beautiful day when I married the wife of my youth @amina_mude, who I promise to love and protect with my all..thank you all for your warm wishes and prayers..we are humbled.. To all my Muslim and Somali brothers and sisters, especially my shemejis from Wajir; thanks a lot for your kind words and great reception.. To those who are not so welcoming, we forgive have a right to your opinion as long as you dont cross the line..God is more important than religion..#WajirsFinest,” Kitili tweeted.


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