Nandy opens up about relationship with Willy Paul

Nandy is currently in Kenya.

Pozze and Nandy (Instagram)

In 2018, Willy Paul set tongues wagging with suggestive photos taken with The African Princess, Nandy.

The two later dropped what is one of the biggest songs in East Africa ‘Njiwa’ which topped charts across East Africa and has over 8.2 Million views on YouTube.

Following their suggestive photos and their palpable on-screen chemistry fans speculated that the two had something going on.

Now the ‘Aibu’ singer has opened up about the kind of relationship she has with Pozze. In an interview with Mambo Mseto, Nandy made it clear that the kind of relationship she has with Pozze is purely a professional one.

“Hamna kitu kati ya mimi na Pozze. Unajua mimi ni msanii wa kike ambaye nikifanya kazi na mwanaume lazima mtu aanze kudoubt like kuna nini? Yeye si wa kwanza kupewa doubt. Nimefanya kazi na Aslay nikienda interview naulizwa kwani nyinyi na Aslay mna nini? So hamna kitu chochote,” she said.

She also explained that the pics she took with Pozze looking all cosy were for their video and people shouldn’t read too much into them. “Zile zilikuwa ni picha za video, moment za video.”

Nandy also praised Willy Paul for being ambitious and having a teachable spirit.

“Napenda kazi ya Willy Paul nampongeza kwa kuwa ni mtu anaskiza ushauri, anapambana anapenda kujua. Hata ukimkosoa, ni msikilizaji,”Nandy said.


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