Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Wednesday sent out a tweet, claiming that Deputy President William Ruto is the new Lord of Poverty.

In the tweet seen by Pulse Live, Ngunyi questioned why the deputy president bought chairs for people to sit on, instead of buying beds for hospitals, from young people, like President Uhuru Kenyatta had done.

He went on to ask why DP Ruto would sponsor fake riots in Mombasa, over what he termed as fake Kazi Mtaani payments; a question Mutahi Ngunyi answered saying that the Lord of Hustle (Ruto) had become the new Lord of Poverty.

Why did the HUSTLER buy BENCHES to be placed at jobless CORNERS? Why not buy HOSPITAL beds from the YOUTH, the way PRESIDENT KENYATTA did? And why SPONSOR youth RIOTS on Mombasa Road over FAKE Kazi Mtaani payments? ANSWER: LORD of the HUSTLE is the new LORD of POVERTY,” said Mutahi Ngunyi.

 DP William Ruto
DP William Ruto

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His remarks elicited a myriad of mixed reactions from Netizens, with some agreeing with his sentiments while others called him out for not saying the same when he supported Uhuru and Ruto elections in 2013 and 2017.

Here is what they said;