NTV journalist declares 'I've found the Bible's most scandalous story'

'The Righteous' Prostitute - NTV journalist narrates

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NTV presenter James Smart on Thursday sparked a debate by declaring "I think I have just found the BIBLE's most scandalous story".

In a Twitter thread which delved into detail on the supposed "scandalous" story, the journalist narrated the story of Tamar, a woman who is mentioned in the genealogy of the Christian faith's Son of God - Jesus Christ.

Smart suggested that the story had been hidden with scanty details on what transpired before she was named as one of Jesus' ancestors.

"Not for the faint of heart, her story makes one squirm uncomfortably. It sounds more like a script written for daytime television or Netflix than what we expect from the Bible," the journalist opined.

The story narrated how Tamar married into the family of the fourth-born son of Jacob (one of the Jewish patriarchs), Judah.

According to the Bible story, Tamar's husband passed away and she married his brother, with the blessing of her father-in-law Judah.

When her second husband also passed away, the father-in-law promised to wed Tamar to his youngest son when he came of age.

Judah is then said to have gone back on his word and the scandal occurs when Tamar tricks her father-in-law into sleeping with her and she falls pregnant.

The journalist went on to invite his followers to give their views on the narration saying: "End of story. Ready for interpretation."

Reactions on the Bible's most Scandalous story

The narration attracted diverse reactions including an invitation to deputy president William Ruto to give an interpretation from political commentator Benji Ndolo.

"You’re a literary genius, am lost in the fog but guess who would probably understand this story and narrate it so well? William Ruto. This world man," commented Ndolo.

One Mark Kyalo added: "I also got lost. I think William can make us understand it."

Another of Smart's followers, one Gavin, stated: "No wonder this prostitution is a business from way back. These people are protected by whoever. I wonder how many people are offspring from such scandals even in our society. Anyway, this bible has everything."

An unverified handle only identified as Historical Facts commented: "These were true everyday lives of ancient people and the Bible presented them raw and unfiltered. That's the criterion of embarrassment that puts the Bible above any other historical book because it never sought to sanitize anyone. Judah and David are human and flawed yet heroes."

Aaron Karungu commended the journalist noting: "This is one of the best threads i have come across!"

Others who commented also lauded the journalist for the narration.

"Thanks a million for this thread. Wow," one Makora Ouma replied.

One Elvis Gachanja added: "Haha. Ammused! This is one hell of a twister. Especially, the ending."


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