Shaffie Weru vows to shave off his beard

Shaffie wants to break the world record of the most men shaving in one place.

Shaffie Weru

We kid you not, he's actually doing it.

In a video he shared, Shaffie has ganged up with fellow members of what they call the Beard Gang Ke to push a movement dubbed #NyoaKiProNaGillette.

On the 29th of June next week, Shaffie and his crew will try to break the guiness world record of the most men shaving their beards at once.

The rather auscipous event will take place at Kenyatta Unversity.

Bet he's earning the bucks on this one.

Shaffie is known for his party streak and knack for the social scene. We've even seen him in a wig and make up once. (He makesa fiesty mamacita. Sadly, he's eye shadow looks better than most girls.)

He is also known for his massive mane of a beard. The decision to shave is a response to a social media challenge by Gillette.

They say that a beard is like make up for men and for the longest time, Shaffie has had his beard as part of his identity.

We can't wait to see how he'll look without his beard.


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