Kunidzia singer Otile Brown was forced to pull down a photo of

Fans got worked up after the singer shared a photo holding Vera’s waist and captioned it “Neema za Allah”

Offensive to God

Some fans felt that the comment was offensive to God, and urged Otile not to drag God’s name into indecent photos. A situation that forced Otile to reply with a comment that said ‘do not judge’ in summary.

Others urged Otile not to display his woman like that because flaunting a beautiful woman is like planting maize by the roadside, someone will pluck it.

Unfortunately some fans resorted to body shaming calling Vera’s assets Chinese and poking fun at Otile's manhood.

It’s not clear which of these reactions compelled Otile into pulling the photo down but he did after the avalanche of comments. He has also pulled down a video of him and Vera dancing to a song by gospel singer Jabidi ft Moji ShortBaba dubbed Vimbada. A video that had caused quite the storm on social media.

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