Otile Brown never wanted me to sing – Vera Sidika

Vera ametoboa!

Otile Brown never wanted me to sing – Vera Sidika

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday morning, Ms. Sidika narrated how Otile Brown’s producer said she could sing and encouraged her to try.

The Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor boss added that whenever she brought up the issue, her then boyfriend would tell her that she was trying too hard and she should stick to what she has been doing.

“When my ex was recording I used to take him to the studio and he would be in the booth and when he sings because I had heard the song a couple of times I would sing and the producer would be like wow you can sing, you should try music. My ex was like I don’t think you should sing because you look like you are trying too hard and stuff, maybe you should just do what you do. But after I said why not give it a try,” said Vera Sidika in an interview with Kiss 100.

Otile breaks up with Vera

After the two (Vera and Otile) parted ways, the former video vixen said she decided to try her hand in music and that is when she released her first song ‘Nalia’ which has so far had a good reception by her fans.

This comes just a few weeks after the socialite and her singer ex-boyfriend parted ways for the second time in a nasty breakup that saw them embarrass one another on social media.

She claimed that their re-union after the first breakup was because the 'Chaguo la moyo' singer wanted money to buy himself a new Mercedes Benz.

Vera Sidika then released screenshots of her conversations with Otile, exposing how he used to ask her for money every other time.


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