Urgent message to Uhuru before election date

God will keep the presidency from you and your deputy president...

The eloquent lady has become a permanent fixture in the political scene this year due to her ‘prophetic warnings’ and political opinion.

Things which have led to blogger Robert Alai branding her a ‘hateful, ethnic chauvinist packaged as a preacher.’

Her latest prophecy has caused ripples on social media and for good reason, she controversially claims that Uhuru’s presidency is in jeopardy because of a goddess of ancient India named ‘Harambee’.

The goddess is one of chaos, has multiple arms and is depicted as sitting on a lion or a tiger though a little research shows that the only Indian goddess who sits on a lion is Durga the warrior goddess.

“She (Harambee) is the cause of the current confusion being experienced across the land and dethroning her is the only way that Jubilee will win on October 26th.” She claimed.

A Hindu goddess the lady claims was brought in by Uhuru’s dad the late Jomo Kneyatta after he got her from the Indians building the railway line. “There is an altar that was put up by your dad.” She said before giving Uhuru a message from God.

“There is a reason why you were called to be president. He (God) wants you to free us from the goddess of your father, the goddess Harambee who sits on the spiritual throne of this nation and it cannot happen anymore.”

She then went on to reveal the one mistake that would cost Uhuru his presidency, failure to remove the word Harambee from the nation's coat of arms and other symbols of national unity. A move that will eject Harambee from 'Kenya’s spiritual throne' in order for Kenya to reached the promised land. She said failure to do so, there will be dire consquences.

“Time is of the essence…Take her off the throne and the presidency will be yours, but if you don’t then I must respectfully say that God will keep the presidency from you and your deputy president .”


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